[Sisyphus-cybertalk] I: Sisyphus-20060530 bugs: +6 -3 (2094)

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Вт Май 30 03:05:27 MSD 2006

	2 NEW bugs quickly RESOLVED

#9628	wxGTK2u         	normal  	DUPLICATE
Новая версия 2.6.3

#9630	e2fsprogs       	blocker 	FIXED
mkfs.ext3 не может создать журнал.

	6 NEW bugs

#9627	apcupsd         	trivial 	-
Wrong location of man file

#9629	x11setupdrv     	normal  	-
x11setupdrv crash

#9631	php5-mysql      	major   	-
old libmysql, please rebuild

#9632	libenchant      	normal  	-
ispell backend does not work with current ispell dictionaries

#9633	ktail           	trivial 	-
no url

#9634	dovecot         	critical	-
default misconfiguration

	3 RESOLVED bugs

#8541	ladspa_sdk      	trivial 	FIXED
x86_64 build

#9075	libparted       	normal  	FIXED
/usr/lib/libparted-1.6.so.13 must be linked with -ldl

#9295	gstreamer       	normal  	FIXED
gstreamer version too old

	10 RANDOM bugs

#1089	distribute      	enhancement	-
include correct Binaries information in srclist

#1753	distribute      	minor   	-
create wrong images if SRPMS is empty

#5017	gpm             	normal  	-
gpm не стартует, хотя он есть в init-скриптах

#5085	kernel-image-std-smp	trivial 	-
All kernel images have one name

#6287	tetex-core      	normal  	-
Readlink manpage should be eliminated as readlink is no more in tetex-core.

#6504	install3        	normal  	LATER
[FR] при вводе паролей проверять идентичность [...]

#6703	libdirectfb     	normal  	-
libdirectfb: license is LGPL, not GPL

#7228	consolehelper   	normal  	-
consolehelper выдает permission denied при запуске acc

#9017	firefox         	critical	-
исправления для сборки под x86_64

#9152	rpm-build       	normal  	-
Добавить проверку desktop-файлов

Total 2094 pending bugs (351 blocker/critical/major bugs).

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