[riscv-reports] [#24731] FAILED srpm=python3-module-gssapi-1.8.1-alt1.src.rpm ...

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-riscv.office.basealt.ru
Fri Oct 7 17:22:31 MSK 2022


2022-Oct-07 14:08:15 :: shared task #24731 for sisyphus_riscv64 started by recycler:
#100 build python3-module-gssapi-1.8.1-alt1.src.rpm
#200 build gssproxy-0.9.1-alt1.src.rpm
2022-Oct-07 14:08:25 :: created build repo
2022-Oct-07 14:08:34 :: [riscv64] #100 python3-module-gssapi-1.8.1-alt1.src.rpm: build start
2022-Oct-07 14:21:04 :: [riscv64] #100 python3-module-gssapi-1.8.1-alt1.src.rpm: build OK
2022-Oct-07 14:21:04 :: [riscv64] #200 gssproxy-0.9.1-alt1.src.rpm: build start
egrep: warning: egrep is obsolescent; using grep -E
<13>Oct  7 14:22:26 rpmi: rpm-build-licenses-3.0.0-alt1 sisyphus_riscv64+10982.100.1.1 1635699113 installed
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark docbook-style-xsl
MI2a:  target docbook-dtd-xml
MI2a:   mark docbook-dtds
MI2a:    target sgml-common
MI2a:     mark sgml-common
MI2a:    target xml-utils
MI2a:     mark xml-utils
MI2a: mark libkrb5-devel
MI2a:  target libcom_err-devel
MI2a:   mark libcom_err-devel
MI2a:    target libcom_err
MI2a:     mark libcom_err
MI2a:  target libverto-devel
MI2a:   mark libverto-devel
MI2a:    target libverto
MI2a:     mark libverto
MI2a:  target libkrb5-ldap
MI2a:   mark libkrb5-ldap
MI2a:    target libldap.so.2()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libldap2
MI2a:      target libcrypto.so.1.1()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libcrypto1.1
MI2a:        target ca-certificates
MI2a:         mark ca-certificates
MI2a:          target ca-trust
MI2a:           mark ca-trust
MI2a:            target p11-kit-trust
MI2a:             mark p11-kit-trust
MI2a:              target /etc/alternatives/packages.d
MI2a:               mark alternatives
MI2a:                target rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:                 mark rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:              target libtasn1.so.6()(64bit)
MI2a:               mark libtasn1
MI2a:              target libp11-kit
MI2a:               mark libp11-kit
MI2a:      target libsasl2.so.3()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libsasl2-3
MI2a:        target libgssapi_krb5.so.2()(64bit)
MI2a:         mark libkrb5
MI2a:          target libkeyutils.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:           mark libkeyutils
MI2a:          target liblmdb.so.0()(64bit)
MI2a:           mark liblmdb
MI2a:          target libssl.so.1.1()(64bit)
MI2a:           mark libssl1.1
MI2a:      target openldap-common
MI2a:       mark openldap-common
MI2a: mark libini_config-devel
MI2a:  target libini_config
MI2a:   mark libini_config
MI2a:    target libpath_utils
MI2a:     mark libpath_utils
MI2a:    target libcollection
MI2a:     mark libcollection
MI2a:    target libref_array
MI2a:     mark libref_array
MI2a:    target libbasicobjects
MI2a:     mark libbasicobjects
MI2a:  target libcollection-devel
MI2a:   mark libcollection-devel
MI2a:  target libref_array-devel
MI2a:   mark libref_array-devel
MI2a:  target libbasicobjects-devel
MI2a:   mark libbasicobjects-devel
MI2a: mark libsystemd-devel
MI2a:  target libsystemd
MI2a:   mark libsystemd
MI2a:    target liblz4.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark liblz4
MI2a: mark po4a
MI2a:  target man-db
MI2a:   mark man-db
MI2a:    target groff-base
MI2a:     mark groff-base
MI2a:    target less
MI2a:     mark less
MI2a:    target libgdbm.so.3()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libgdbm
MI2a:    target libpipeline.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libpipeline
MI2a:  target perl(Encode.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Encode
MI2a:    target perl(Filter/Util/Call.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-Filter
MI2a:  target perl(Locale/gettext.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Locale-gettext
MI2a:  target perl(Pod/Parser.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Pod-Parser
MI2a:    target perl-podlators
MI2a:     mark perl-podlators
MI2a:      target perl(Pod/Simple.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Pod-Simple
MI2a:        target perl(Pod/Escapes.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-Pod-Escapes
MI2a:      target perl(Pod/Usage.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Pod-Usage
MI2a:      target perl(Term/ANSIColor.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Term-ANSIColor
MI2a:      target perl(Term/Cap.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Term-Cap
MI2a:  target perl(Unicode/GCString.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Unicode-LineBreak
MI2a:    target perl(MIME/Charset.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-MIME-Charset
MI2a:    target libsombok.so.3()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libsombok
MI2a:      target libthai.so.0()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libthai
MI2a:        target libdatrie.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:         mark libdatrie
MI2a:  target perl(YAML/Tiny.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-YAML-Tiny
MI2a: mark krb5-kdc
MI2a:  target libverto-libev
MI2a:   mark libverto-libev
MI2a:    target libev.so.4()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libev4
MI2a:  target krb5-kadmin
MI2a:   mark krb5-kadmin
MI2a:    target libss.so.2()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libss
MI2a:    target krb5-kinit
MI2a:     mark krb5-kinit
MI2a: mark nss_wrapper
MI2a:  target cmake
MI2a:   mark cmake
MI2a:    target libarchive.so.13()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libarchive13
MI2a:    target libcurl.so.4()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libcurl
MI2a:      target libbrotlidec.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libbrotlidec
MI2a:        target libbrotlicommon
MI2a:         mark libbrotlicommon
MI2a:      target libidn2.so.0()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libidn2
MI2a:      target libnghttp2.so.14()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libnghttp2
MI2a:      target libpsl.so.5()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libpsl
MI2a:        target publicsuffix-list-dafsa
MI2a:         mark publicsuffix-list-dafsa
MI2a:    target libexpat.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libexpat
MI2a:    target libjsoncpp.so.24()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libjsoncpp24
MI2a:    target librhash.so.0()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark librhash
MI2a:    target libuv.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:     mark libuv
MI2a:    target cmake-modules
MI2a:     mark cmake-modules
MI2a:    target rpm-macros-cmake
MI2a:     mark rpm-macros-cmake
MI2a: mark openldap-servers
MI2a:  target /etc/chroot.d
MI2a:   mark chrooted
MI2a:  target /usr/bin/cert-sh
MI2a:   mark cert-sh-functions
MI2a:    target openssl
MI2a:     mark openssl
MI2a:  target libargon2.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:   mark libargon2
MI2a:  target libevent_core-2.1.so.6()(64bit)
MI2a:   mark libevent2.1
MI2a:  target libltdl.so.7()(64bit)
MI2a:   mark libltdl7
rpm-build-licenses is already the newest version.
libxml2 is already the newest version.
Selecting gettext-tools for 'gettext-devel'
gettext-tools is already the newest version.
pkg-config is already the newest version.
Selected version libini_config-devel#1.3.1-alt6:sisyphus_riscv64+11242.100.1.1 at 1635798359 for libini_config-devel>=1.3.1
Selecting filesystem for '/proc'
filesystem is already the newest version.
W: pkgMakeStatusCache: The configured APT::Cache-Limit (134217728) is below the recommended default value (201326592). Remove it to use the default.
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
E: Couldn't find package valgrind
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2022-Oct-07 14:22:31 :: [riscv64] gssproxy-0.9.1-alt1.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2022-Oct-07 14:22:31 :: [riscv64] #200 gssproxy-0.9.1-alt1.src.rpm: build FAILED
2022-Oct-07 14:22:31 :: [riscv64] requesting cancellation of task processing
2022-Oct-07 14:22:31 :: [riscv64] build FAILED
2022-Oct-07 14:22:31 :: task #24731 for sisyphus_riscv64 FAILED

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