[riscv-reports] [#6166] FAILED (try 2) srpm=mpfr-4.1.0-alt2.src.rpm gcc10.git=10.3.1-alt3.0.rv64.1 ...

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-riscv.office.basealt.ru
Sat Aug 21 19:38:47 MSK 2021


2021-Aug-21 13:11:12 :: test-only task #6166 for sisyphus_riscv64 resumed by iv:
#100 build mpfr-4.1.0-alt2.src.rpm
#200 build 10.3.1-alt3.0.rv64.1 from /people/iv/packages/gcc10.git fetched at 2021-Aug-20 14:15:42
#300 build 9.3.1-alt3.0.rv64 from /people/iv/packages/gcc9.git fetched at 2021-Aug-20 14:24:39
#400 build gcc-defaults-10-alt2.src.rpm
#500 removed
#600 build rpm-build-4.0.4-alt170.src.rpm
#700 build binutils-2.35.2-alt2.src.rpm
#1000 build python-2.7.18-alt6.src.rpm
#1100 build python-module-pycrypto-2.7-alt4.a1.git20140620.src.rpm
#1200 build systemd-245.6-alt2.src.rpm
#1300 build mk-configure-0.36.0-alt1.src.rpm
2021-Aug-21 13:11:50 :: created build repo
2021-Aug-21 13:11:53 :: [riscv64] #100 mpfr-4.1.0-alt2.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 13:11:54 :: [riscv64] mpfr-4.1.0-alt2.src.rpm: remote: too swift to rebuild
2021-Aug-21 13:11:54 :: [riscv64] #100 mpfr-4.1.0-alt2.src.rpm: build swiftly SKIPPED
2021-Aug-21 13:11:54 :: [riscv64] #200 gcc10.git 10.3.1-alt3.0.rv64.1: build start
2021-Aug-21 13:12:31 :: [riscv64] gcc10.git 10.3.1-alt3.0.rv64.1: remote: too swift to rebuild
2021-Aug-21 13:12:31 :: [riscv64] #200 gcc10.git 10.3.1-alt3.0.rv64.1: build swiftly SKIPPED
2021-Aug-21 13:12:31 :: [riscv64] #300 gcc9.git 9.3.1-alt3.0.rv64: build start
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] gcc9.git 9.3.1-alt3.0.rv64: remote: too swift to rebuild
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] #300 gcc9.git 9.3.1-alt3.0.rv64: build swiftly SKIPPED
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] #400 gcc-defaults-10-alt2.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] gcc-defaults-10-alt2.src.rpm: remote: too swift to rebuild
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] #400 gcc-defaults-10-alt2.src.rpm: build swiftly SKIPPED
2021-Aug-21 13:13:00 :: [riscv64] #600 rpm-build-4.0.4-alt170.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 13:20:38 :: [riscv64] #600 rpm-build-4.0.4-alt170.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Aug-21 13:20:38 :: [riscv64] #700 binutils-2.35.2-alt2.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 14:18:12 :: [riscv64] #700 binutils-2.35.2-alt2.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Aug-21 14:18:12 :: [riscv64] #1000 python-2.7.18-alt6.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 15:06:12 :: [riscv64] #1000 python-2.7.18-alt6.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Aug-21 15:06:12 :: [riscv64] #1100 python-module-pycrypto-2.7-alt4.a1.git20140620.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 15:23:13 :: [riscv64] #1100 python-module-pycrypto-2.7-alt4.a1.git20140620.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Aug-21 15:23:13 :: [riscv64] #1200 systemd-245.6-alt2.src.rpm: build start
2021-Aug-21 16:37:16 :: [riscv64] #1200 systemd-245.6-alt2.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Aug-21 16:37:16 :: [riscv64] #1300 mk-configure-0.36.0-alt1.src.rpm: build start
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark bmake
MI2a:  target pkgsrc-mk-files
MI2a:   mark pkgsrc-mk-files
MI2a: mark mk-files
MI2a:  target python3
MI2a:   mark python3
MI2a:    target python3-base
MI2a:     mark python3-base
MI2a:      target libcrypto.so.1.1()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libcrypto1.1
MI2a:        target ca-certificates
MI2a:         mark ca-certificates
MI2a:          target ca-trust
MI2a:           mark ca-trust
MI2a:            target p11-kit-trust
MI2a:             mark p11-kit-trust
MI2a:              target libp11-kit
MI2a:               mark libp11-kit
MI2a:              target /etc/alternatives/packages.d
MI2a:               mark alternatives
MI2a:                target rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:                 mark rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:              target libtasn1.so.6()(64bit)
MI2a:               mark libtasn1
MI2a:      target libexpat.so.1()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libexpat
MI2a:      target libgdbm.so.3()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libgdbm
MI2a:      target libssl.so.1.1()(64bit)
MI2a:       mark libssl1.1
MI2a:    target libpython3
MI2a:     mark libpython3
MI2a:  delete pkgsrc-mk-files
MI2a: mark gcc-c++
MI2a:  target gcc10-c++
MI2a:   mark gcc10-c++
MI2a:    target libstdc++10-devel
MI2a:     mark libstdc++10-devel
MI2a:      target gcc-c++-common
MI2a:       mark gcc-c++-common
MI2a: mark glib2-devel
MI2a:  target rpm-build-gir
MI2a:   mark rpm-build-gir
MI2a:    target xml-utils
MI2a:     mark xml-utils
MI2a: mark libbsd-devel
MI2a:  target libbsd
MI2a:   mark libbsd
MI2a: mark perl-podlators
MI2a:  target perl(Encode.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Encode
MI2a:    target perl(Filter/Util/Call.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-Filter
MI2a:  target perl(Pod/Simple.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Pod-Simple
MI2a:    target perl(Pod/Escapes.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-Pod-Escapes
MI2a:  target perl(Pod/Usage.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Pod-Usage
MI2a:  target perl(Term/ANSIColor.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Term-ANSIColor
MI2a:  target perl(Term/Cap.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Term-Cap
MI2a: mark perl-devel
MI2a:  target libdb4-devel
MI2a:   mark libdb4.7-devel
MI2a:  target libgdbm-devel
MI2a:   mark libgdbm-devel
MI2a: mark liblua5.3-devel
MI2a:  target lua5.3
MI2a:   mark lua5.3
MI2a: mark makeinfo
MI2a:  target perl(Locale/Messages.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-libintl
MI2a:  target perl(Text/Unidecode.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Text-Unidecode
MI2a:  target perl(Unicode/EastAsianWidth.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth
MI2a:  target perl(Unicode/Normalize.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Unicode-Normalize
MI2a:  target rpm-macros-info-install
MI2a:   mark rpm-macros-info-install
Starting 2
binutils is already the newest version.
bison is already the newest version.
Selecting liblua5.3-devel for 'lua-devel'
info-install is already the newest version.
m4 is already the newest version.
Investigating bmake
Package bmake has broken dep on pkgsrc-mk-files
  Considering pkgsrc-mk-files 1 as a solution to bmake 9999
    Reinst Failed because of protected mk-files
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  bmake: Depends: pkgsrc-mk-files
E: Broken packages
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2021-Aug-21 16:38:47 :: [riscv64] mk-configure-0.36.0-alt1.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2021-Aug-21 16:38:47 :: [riscv64] #1300 mk-configure-0.36.0-alt1.src.rpm: build FAILED
2021-Aug-21 16:38:47 :: [riscv64] build FAILED
2021-Aug-21 16:38:47 :: task #6166 for sisyphus_riscv64 FAILED

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