[make-initrd] Release make-initrd 2.23.0

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 02:31:06 MSK 2021

New release 2.23.0 is available.

Important changes

- Runtime:
  + Add fstab dependency to udev service.
  + Add the ability to find out with what features the image was built.
- New feature:
  + Add bootloader feature. The feature adds the ability to create an image that
    can act as a bootloader.
  + Add debug-tools feature. The feature adds a debug tools (gdb, strace) to
    initrd image.
- Feature smart-card:
  + Add udev rules to setup enviroment for fido devices.
  + Fix typos and move guessing GUESS_NET_IFACE to net module.
  + Fix number of retries in the initramfs service.
- Feature ucode:
  + The absence of the firmware file is not an error.
  + Set mtime of files and directories to 01-01-1970.
- Guess subsystem:
  + root: Replace MOUNTPOINTS to GUESS_MOUNTPOINTS inside guess module. The
    MOUNTPOINTS variable continues to work for backward compatibility.
- Utilities:
  + initrd-put: Do not run chmod for symlinks.
- Misc:
  + Add new tool to sort services and switch from sort-lsb to sort-services.
  + Add PUT_FEATURE_OPTIONAL_LIBS to pack optional libraries.
  + Detect terminfo in more portable way.
  + Set mtime of all initramfs files and directories to 01-01-1970. The reproducibility
    of the build image has appeared.
  + Add unit tests for some utilities.

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


This time the changelog is big enough to fit here. You can see the complete
log in git or by the link:


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