[make-initrd] Release make-initrd 2.14.0

Leonid Krivoshein klark.devel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 23:18:56 MSK 2021

Алексей, привет!

30.03.2021 21:21, Alexey Gladkov пишет:
> New release 2.14.0 is available.
> Git repository
> ==============
> https://github.com/osboot/make-initrd.git
> http://git.altlinux.org/people/legion/packages/make-initrd.git
> Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.
> Changelog
> =========
> Alexey Gladkov (41):
>        Add busybox submodule
>        Add libshell submodule
>        Add target to get release tarball
>        Use bash builtin command to check the availability of utilities
>        Fix udevd detection
>        initrd-put: Handle symlinks in the root directory
>        initrd-put: Add more verbosity
>        initrd-put: Get the canonical path correctly
>        initrd-put: Set mode and owner after directories creation
>        initrd-put: mksock() always returns a return code and errno
>        initrd-put: Do not add whole directory if symlink points to it
>        Use absolute directory names in the PATH
>        configure: Add more messages and fix libelf check
>        Rename hasher-build-rootfs -> build-rootfs-altlinux
>        Use wrapper around readlink for portability
>        tests: Increase build timeout
>        tests: Add missing mode
>        runtime: Use start-stop-daemon from busybox
>        runtime: Enforce PATH
>        create-initrd: Fix compatibility symlinks
>        create-initrd: Take into account utilities in LOCALBUILDDIR
>        tests: Use bash for simple system init
>        tests: Use locally compiled utilities
>        tests: Add script to build rootfs for fedora
>        tests: Allow to run single testcase without qemu wrappers
>        udev variables $ID_* are optional
>        Feature network: Always import runtime environment
>        runtime: Add logfile for udevd
>        tests: Add target to build individual testcase
>        tests: Make kernel flavor optional
>        tests: Update altlinux rootfs
>        guess: Allow to set variables in guessed config
>        Feature mdadm: Generate udev rules for any raid devices
>        runtime: Add default udev rules
>        runtime: Add support for root=SERIAL=*
>        Feature pipeline: Fix possible race in the waitdev
>        Do not create /bin/sh
>        All make messages should go to stderr
>        depinfo: Do not show an error if softdep is not found
>        Make a symlink to /bin/bash if bash is in a non-standard location
>        2.14.0

Шикарный набор, впечатляет! Огромное тебе спасибо!!!

Не против, если я немного поковыряю pipeline для доведения его до 
нынешнего пропагатора и скину все изменения оптом?

Мне не очень нравится, как сейчас с пропагатором организован режим 
сохранения сеансов LiveCD, думаю не сохранять её, а сделать другую 
реализацию, ближе к тому, что есть в Puppy. Ну и, все протоколы хочу 

Best regards,
Leonid Krivoshein.

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