[make-initrd] Release make-initrd 2.20.0

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 16:42:43 MSK 2021

New release 2.20.0 is available.

Important changes

- Runtime:
  + Always create /root and /home/root as a directories.
  + udev: Remove start dependency on uevent service.
- New feature:
  + Add smart-card feature. Feature adds smart card daemon and smart card
- Feature smart-card:
  + Add ability to put pkcs#11 modules into initrd.
- Feature sshfsroot:
  + Add plymouth support.
  + Enable asking passphrase.
  + Detect smart-card feature dependency according ssh config file.
- Feature kbd:
  + Require gpu-drm if framebuffer is used on vtconsole.
- Feature kickstart:
  + Unpause ueventd queues after KSFILE processing.
- Feature luks:
  + Add smart card support.
- Feature nfsroot:
  + Fix inconsistency in nfsopts processing.
- Guess subsystem:
  + Guess modules can use infomantion about active feature and re-run guess.
  + Add RECENTLY_ACTIVATED_FEATURE variable to monitor recently added features.
- Misc:
  + create-initrd: Add ability add libraries by name using PUT_FEATURES_LIBS var.
  + Allow to compile and install feature-specific utilities.
  + Add README for all guess modules.
  + Do not fail if autodetection is disabled.

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


This time the changelog is big enough to fit here. You can see the complete
log in git or by the link:


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