[make-initrd] Release make-initrd 2.11.0

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 00:37:11 MSK 2020

New release 2.11.0 is available.

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Alexey Gladkov (24):
      Feature multipath: Add service file and multipathd
      Replace initrd-cp by initrd-put
      initrd-put: Add fallback to copy file
      initrd-put: Do not make lstat twice
      initrd-put: Ignore read errors
      initrd-put: Do not fail if unable to resolve the symbolic link
      initrd-put: Change some error codes
      initrd-put: Increase verbosity
      initrd-put: Show error message if popen fails
      initrd-put: Check destination before any actions
      TravisCI: Use Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) build environment
      initrd-put: Add wrappers for tdestroy and twalk_r
      runtime: Fix service name
      runtime: Add rdlog= parameter
      runtime: Use nanoseconds to serialize udev events
      Feature luks: Run luks handler after mountdev
      runtime: Always print a message about mounting the device
      runtime: Wait for udev event queue and add pre/post hooks
      runtime: Check bootable conditions after each uevend handler
      runtime: Increased polling period
      tests: Add test for incorrect configuration (root partition + luks partiton)
      TravisCI: Use workspaces to cache binaries
      tests: Send all log messages to the /dev/console

Oleg Solovyov (3):
      Feature luks: decrypt using plymouth if present
      Feature plymouth: add missing label plugin
      Feature plymouth: include fonts

Rgrds, legion

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