[make-initrd] Release make-initrd 2.8.0

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 19:11:09 MSK 2020

New release 2.8.0 is available.

This release is notable for very large refactoring:

- The build system is completely rewritten. Now autoconf is used.

- Most features do not create their own special targets, which reduced
  dependencies and increased speed.

- Most features do not indicate specific paths to utilities, which
  increases portability.

- The user can no longer reset PUT_DIRS / PUT_FILES and thereby break
  the image.

- The image includes drivers for all devices added to BtrFS.

- Removed many altlinux-specific stuff (`getconf SLIB`, udevd placement, etc.).

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Alexey Gladkov (41):
      tests: Update rootfs script
      grep required for image
      Feature btrfs: Add all devices in the btrfs
      tests: Add test for btrfs
      tests: Update rootfs (altlinux-20200622)
      Replace build system
      Add resume utility from kinit-utils
      Add nfsmount utility from kinit-utils
      Add md_run utility from kinit-utils
      Makefile: Add build target
      Update README
      Do not hardcode system utilities path
      Do not get version from specfile
      Move utilities to feature-specific directory
      gen_init_cpio: fix build warnings
      do_mounts_md.c fix build warnings
      Add service network-up
      Always add files necessary for initrd
      Refactor features rules
      Sort and remove dups from PUT_DIRS/PUT_FILES
      Feature rootfs: Drop own target
      Drop bootsplash feature
      Fix shellcheck warnings
      Do not show module dependencies in the guessed config
      Refactor add-module feature
      Do not hardcode path to udevd/udevadm
      Use autoconf
      Do not hardcode library path
      Feature kbd: Do not hardcode kbd path
      Add a lost libdir variable
      Fix udev rules
      Do not hardcode /lib/initrd directory
      Feature guestfs: Add gdisk and sgdisk
      Feature guestfs: Use patterns for utilities
      Feature guestfs: Add findfs utility
      Exclude deprecated features
      Use blkid for any device tags
      Add runas utility from coreutils (alt-specific)
      Add warning if no config found

Rgrds, legion

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