[make-initrd] make-initrd 2.3.0

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 15:25:03 MSK 2019


На следующей неделе я хочу сделать новый релиз. В нём я учёл опасения об
обратной совместимости и переделал всё так чтобы ничего существующего не

Я сделал тестовое задание: 


Если у кого-нибудь будет возможность, то буду признателен за тестирование.
Если не найдётся ничего такого, то во вторник я планирую отправить его в


Alexey Gladkov (42):
      Feature kbd: Add guess-script
      Feature kbd: Use udev to setup font and keymap
      showenv: Rewrite and rename showenv utility
      Use environ and switch_root
      runtime: Relax check numbers in parameters
      depinfo: Ignore files in current directory if the argument does not look like module name
      runtime: Allow run script before and after each service
      runtime: Allow more than one pre/post script for service
      Allow symlinks for /etc/fstab and /proc/mounts
      Try to find modalias in the uevent if modalias file does not exist
      runtime: Re-implement ueventd in shell
      Move code that is not related to udev events to a separate process
      runtime: Allow to continue boot process after rdshell
      runtime: Change method of switching runlevel
      runtime: Rewrite network configuration
      Feature network: Move network support to separate feature
      Feature network: Parse namespace= first
      Feature network: Remove optional "[...]" from nameserver parameter, update README.md
      Feature network: Do not try to run dhcp on loopback interface
      Feature network: Do not set routes on loopback interface
      Feature network: Add ifname= parameter
      Feature network: Fix config generation
      Feature network: Set broadcast only for IPv4 addresses
      Feature network: Remove dups from resolv.conf
      Feature network: Trigger network configurator if ifname= specified
      Feature network: Make interface not optional in route= parameter
      Feature network: Add a comment to resolv.conf about source of parameters
      Feature network: Fix order of ip-link arguments
      Feature network: Fix config generation
      Feature network: Take into account the static configuration
      Feature network: Improve dhcp-client execution and take into account disabling ipv6
      Feature network: ipv6_enabled should pay attention for sysctl
      Feature network: Fix saving interface state
      Feature kbd: Configure console fonts if KMS is enabled
      Docs: Add links to features documentation
      Increase priority for data files
      runtime: Allow negative values in cmdline parameters
      bug-report: Add /dev list
      Fix shellcheck warnings
      Add more docs

Rgrds, legion

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