[kbd] [ANNOUNCE] kbd-2.5-rc1

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 14:29:59 MSK 2022

kbd 2.5-rc1 Release Notes

The kbd-2.5-rc1 is available at



* Make libkfont public library.
* Add kfont_free().
* Initialize kfont_context->options.
* Тake the verbose parameter into account when logging messages.

* Better error message on unsupported unicode value.

* Add hexadecimal file support.

* i386/qwerty/ie.map: Add Irish keyboard map.
* i386/neo/3l.map: Add 3l keymap.
* i386/qwerty/it.map: Add braces to IT keyboard map.
* pt-latin1.map: Add Euro at Portuguese keyboards.
* fa.map: drop high codepoint character that chokes loadkeys.
* i386/neo: use Delete instead of Backspace.

Git repository


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Adam Williamson (1):
      fa.map: drop high codepoint character that chokes loadkeys

Alexey Gladkov (25):
      use upstream license file
      use https for link to homepage
      fix POSIX conformance
      fix some issues in scripts identified using shellcheck
      fix typos
      Add Gitlab CI
      man: dumpkeys: Remove enumeration of options from SYNOPSIS
      man: dumpkeys: Document a few missing options
      man: loadkeys: Remove enumeration of options from SYNOPSIS
      keymap: Fix typo in comment
      Add Euro at Portuguese keyboards
      Incorrect acentuation pt-latin9
      Merge branch 'github-pull-68'
      Merge branch 'github-pull-67'
      CI: Fix tests after pt-latin9 change
      kfont: Add kfont_free()
      kfont: Тake the verbose parameter into account when logging messages
      Make libkfont public library
      Fix dependencies in the libkeymap.pc
      Update general info in README and CONTRIBUTING
      Update and sort .gitignore
      Update github actions

Alexey Sakovets (1):
      Help command should print '-c' (lowercase) instead of '-C' (uppercase) for "the console device to be used" option.

Andre Schmidt (1):
      Add hexadecimal file support for setvtrgb.

Anisse Astier (1):
      src/libkeymap: better error message on unsupported unicode value

Cian Donovan (1):
      Add Irish keyboard map

Fabian Vogt (1):
      libkfont: Initialize kfont_context->options

Jack Rosenthal (1):
      keymaps: Add 3l keymap

Tommaso Bonvicini (1):
      Added braces to IT keyboard map

Valentin Herrmann (1):
      data/keymaps/i386/neo: use Delete instead of Backspace

Vitezslav Crhonek (6):
      setfont: propagate error exit code
      libkeymap: check get_sym() return value
      libkbdfile: fix memory leak
      libkbdfile: make sure there is space for terminating null byte
      libkeymap: fix memory leak
      libkfont: fix memory leak

ahmogit (1):
      Document -f option, per Issue #65

Rgrds, legion

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