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Tue Mar 2 02:09:54 MSK 2021

is not valid. I believe that the library should report the fact of an
error in the keymap as early as possible.

Speaking of such restrictions, I would like to remind you that libkeymap
also has a restriction on the number of keys, but technically libkeymap
could parse more keys.

> > in advance that the keymap is not correct. You should fix ckbcomp so that
> > it generates the correct keymap.
> > 
> I thought about doing this too, but it would mean not recognizing a
> valid (albeit unsupported) unicode symbol. At least here the parsing
> works, even if this particular symbol isn't loaded because of kernel
> console limitations.
> It feels weird to use the U+ unicode symbol notation, and then refuse to
> load 2/3rd of those.

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