[kbd] Broken bkeymap

Thorben kbd at dokumenteundeinstellungen.de
Mon Aug 31 23:44:14 MSK 2020

On 8/31/20 10:04 PM, Thorben wrote:
> I've pinned down the commit between those two versions and found out
> that since commit a3751c107088884126a4838af32f3a5859c76b33 loadkeys
> generates the file my initramfs has problems with.

Sorry for the spam. I've found out that there was a problem with the
commit mentioned above which got already fixed in 2.2.90/2.3.0 with
commit c994c7763b390d28ac92223eaa6176a136ad7b58.

As Gentoos latest stable version of kbd is 2.2.0 I've created a ticket
in Gentoos Bugtracker to bump the version. For me this issue is now solved.

Thanks and sorry again for this many mails coming from me,

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