[kbd] openvt and virtual terminals

Christoph Pleger christoph.pleger at cs.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Sep 18 18:30:47 MSK 2019


On 2019-09-17 13:18, Christoph Pleger wrote:

> I want to use openvt from the kbd project to open a new virtual
> terminal and start a wayland session there. But after entering 'openvt
> -s -w -- dbus-run-session startplasmacompositor' on tty1, the KDE
> Wayland session did not start on a new virtual terminal, but on tty1.
> So, I tried to start a shell session first with 'openvt -s -w --
> /bin/bash' and then, on the new virtual terminal, start the Wayland
> session with 'dbus-run-session startplasmacompositor'. Though the
> first of these commands successfully opened a shell session on a new
> virtual terminal, the second command caused a switch back to tty1 and
> again, the KDE session opened there, and the new VT was only used for
> textual stdout/stderr.
> So, my question is how to give all control for the new process to the
> new virtual terminal and let the process started on the new VT
> completely forget about the virtual terminal on which its parent
> process was started.

This is totally crazy: Even when I omit the -w option to openvt, so that 
I can log out from tty1, then switch to the new VT and enter 
'dbus-run-session startplasmacompositor' there, the KDE session starts 
on tty1, though of course logging out from /dev/tty1 changed its owner 
to root. So, how can a process with real UID, effective UID and saved 
UID (I checked that) change the ownership of a device that was owned by 

Still nobody who has an idea what is going on here with the virtual 


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