[kbd] Compose with repeated dead key

Matthieu Ov. ov at annexe3.com
Wed Oct 31 03:48:47 MSK 2018

Hi list-

I am looking for a way to make hitting a dead key twice send the
corresponding character to the console.

For instance to insert a circumflex '^' I would just want to hit `^^`
instead of the current `^SPACE` sequence, which I am not used to after
many years in a X.org environment. There repeating seems to be the

I am using the stock `fr-bepo` keymap (kbd 2.0.4) where the circumflex
dead key allows to type characters like '^', 'ê', 'ô', etc, often used
in the French language.

At first I tried to add the following rule:

    compose '^' '^' to asciicircum

but this doesn't help. Is it because `dead_circumflex` is equivalent to
the `COMPOSE^` prefix, so repeating it would lead to a
`COMPOSE^COMPOSE^` sequence instead of the `COMPOSE^^` expected to match
the `compose` rule?


Matthieu Ov.

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