[kbd] While we're on norwegian keymaps: prefer qwerty keymap

Erlend Pedersen :. erlendpe at online.no
Thu Oct 4 22:19:16 MSK 2018


Both the dvorak and qwerty norwegian maps are in files named "no.map".
In NixOS, this clash yields me the dvorak map instead of the qwerty one
when I specify a "no" keymap. I can tell you that makes supplying a very long password for decrypting har drives very interesting for a poor qwerty keyboard user! :)

I suspect most distros just quietly rename the dvorak/no.map file to
keep it from causing problems. Perhaps the problematic keymap could be
renamed here, at the source, instead?

Attached is a trivial patch against master.

Erlend Pedersen :. <erlendpe at online.no>
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