[kbd] problem with resizecons

Felix Janda felix.janda at posteo.de
Sun Feb 28 11:53:24 MSK 2016

Rm Beer wrote:
> # resizecons 80x25
> cannot find videomode file 80x25
> # resizecons -lines 25
> ( wrong monitor figure in the screen by 16#x25 )
> i can't configure the resolution screen to 80x25. What file of videomode
> needed? not understand.
> Also, not have the "restoretextmode" command that figure in the several
> webs and the man page of resizecons in the SEE ALSO section.
> the version of kbd that use is 2.0.3
> the machine is i686

Please read the manpage carefully. As it says, you first need to
install svgalib in order to get restoretextmode. resizecons is looking
for a file "80x25" which should be created with restoretextmode first.


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