[kbd] fr-bepo.map missing keycode definitions

Alexandre de Verteuil alexandre at deverteuil.net
Mon Nov 10 00:25:06 MSK 2014


It seems that there are keycodes missing in the fr-bepo.map file. When
the keymap is loaded after boot with "loadkeys fr-bepo", it works fine.
I suppose that is because the mapping of those keys were defined by the
previously loaded keymap.

When the keymap is loaded in early userspace (for example, to key in a
passphrase for an encrypted drive), the Return key, among others, does
not work.

Adding the following lines resolves the problem:
keycode  1 = Escape Escape
keycode 14 = Delete  Delete
keycode 15 = Tab Tab
keycode 28 = Return
keycode 29 = Control
keycode 42 = Shift
keycode 54 = Shift
keycode 56 = Alt
keycode 58 = Caps_Lock
keycode 97 = Control

See also the discussion on the Arch Linux forum:

Thank you,

Alexandre de Verteuil <alexandre at deverteuil.net>
public key ID : 0xDD237C00

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