[kbd] "What should I do if I want my keymap is added to kbd ?"

merlin_dou merlin_dou at yeah.net
Sat Mar 15 23:31:21 MSK 2014

>On 08.02.2014 13:26, merlin_dou wrote:
> >The correct URL is here: http://www.kaufmann.no/downloads/linux/> >And the dvp-*.map.gz is the keymap for console.
> >The Programmer Dvorak Keyboard Layout will be added, right ?????

>Oh my God! I wouldn't  say that is keymap. This is just an output of
>dumpkeys. This kind of "keymap" is extremely difficult to maintain.
>In such state I can't add them.
Rgrds, legion

It is me, again.
The Programmer Dvorak will not be added in that status. I already know that.

I have already write a keymap that is very similar to Programmer Dvorak.
But I swap Ctrl and Caps Lock, and remove the setting of Dead Keys.(Because I only input English.)

I am wondering what the standard is , if I want to add a keymap to kbd.
Like this: 
       A lot of people use this keymap ?
       A lot of people want to add this keymap ?

I  look forward to hearing from you, guys.

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