[kbd] "why not add Programmer Dvorak Keyboard Layout into KBD"

merlin_dou merlin_dou at yeah.net
Thu Jan 9 16:34:25 MSK 2014

Hello , everyone:
     English is not my first language.  I hope that I can describe my problem clearly.

     I found  Programmer Dvorak Keyboard Layout at 2011. The website is:
     I can not live without it. :p( may be too serious).
     I want to use it everywhere. But when I login on a different machine. I found there is not
this layout on that machine.
     I look for it in /usr/share/kbd, but I failed.

     So I have some problems:
     1. Adding  a new layout to kbd-project is a difficult task?
     2. Little people use this layout, so adding  it is no-sense?
I hope that the maintainer can see this mail.
I  look forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                Yours faithfully,
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