[kbd] Changing bépo layout name

sinma eichi237 at mailoo.org
Mon Sep 23 00:13:30 MSK 2013


You (Alexey) have changed the bepo layout file from fr-dvorak-bepo to dvorak-
fr-bepo… That’s a bit annoying for users.

We think that’s a good thing to change the name, something simple and that 
doesn’t refer to dvorak-fr anymore to prevent confusion with dvorak-fr (which 
is a very different layout), and be consistent with the X.org naming.

Since almost nobody aren’t in UTF-8 (and if it’s the case, they just can don’t 
use the utf-8 symbols), can you rename `dvorak-fr-bepo-utf8` to `bepo` and 
delete the other keymap?

The users configuration will break if you make this changes…

If you’re planning to release a minor update soon, I will contact the Gentoo 
and Arch Linux to include an update note (and to inform Bépo users that they 
can get rid of the manual installed files).

Else (if kbd make his way in big distros like Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse), it 
might be best to put symlinks.

Thanks by advance,


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