[kbd] Include Bépo in the set of default layouts

Sébastien eichi237 at mailoo.org
Wed Jul 17 12:14:17 MSK 2013

>>>> So, what do you think about this idea?
>>> I have no objections about it.
>> How do you make decisions here? Anybody is responsible of keyboard layouts?
>At the moment, I support the code and keymaps, so I make the decisions
>about it.
>> However, the archive which contains all the files are here:
>> http://download.tuxfamily.org/dvorak/keymaps/fr-dvorak-bepo-keymaps-1.0rc2.tgz
>I'll look at it in the near future.
>> P.-S.: In the fr-dvorak-bepo.map, a dev puts a comment:
>> “CapsLock with '+eacute' doesn't work, nor with egrave, ccedilla,
>> ecircumflex, agrave and guillemotleft/right : bug ?”
>> Do you know how to resolve this problem? It’s better to check if everything 
> > is ok before including it, isn’t it?
> Yes. I'll look in the parser for this.

Do you have any news? It seems Bépo isn’t included at the moment in the main 

Thanks by advance,


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