[kbd] Binding Ctrl+Tab

Kristof Ralovich kristof.ralovich at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 17:16:51 MSK 2013

Dear All,

I would like to assign the "Ctrl+Tab" key combination in Ubuntu 12.04 
linux text console (not under X11). My end goal is binding commands to 
it in emacs. "Ctrl", "Tab", and "Alt+Tab" works dy default, but not 

dumpkeys -l shows me the following output (truncated)
0x0009    Tab
0x0809    Meta_Tab
Control_i       for Tab
I guess I'm missing a definition for "Control_Tab" in this file. But [1] 
indicates that "Ctrl+Tab" is not possible under the console. Could 
anyone please comment on this? If it is possible, how to activate it?

In case this mailing list is not the right place for my question, please 
direct me to the right list!



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