[kbd] kbd-2.0.0wip (development)

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat Aug 3 05:48:31 MSK 2013

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 03:33:12PM +0400, Alexey Gladkov wrote:
> Greetings!
> This is another snapshot. Some changes:
> * Migration on dynamic arrays. Now the library can handle
>   keycodes > NR_KEYS, but kernel can't;
> * Same for keymaps, function keys and compose definitions;
> * Simple API documentation added.
> As always, I'd be very grateful if you can help in testing this version.
> ftp://devel.altlinux.org/legion/kbd/kbd-2.0.0wip-20130730.tar.gz
 Tested on linuxfromscratch from late April, I don't have a newer

This is with gcc-4.8.0 and bison-2.7, I don't have bison-3.0
installed (there are notes of breakage in a few packages).

 All the new tests pass.  All my own weird and wonderful compose
sequences in my own keymap seem to work, to the extent that my font
supports them (e.g. menu comma s for s with comma, menu - d for d
stroke, and accents on the keys used as dead keys in the uk xorg

 Seems fine.

 I'll note that in lfs we don't rate resizecons (it needs svgalib to
provide the video mode files, we think that is defunct but no doubt
someone who has existing video mode files can test tresizecons), our
existing seds need a minor modification (the man8 Makefile.in is now
in docs/man instead of man/ ) but that's no problem.

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