[kbd] Include Bépo in the set of default layouts

Sébastien eichi237 at mailoo.org
Fri Apr 19 00:53:09 MSK 2013


I’m french (sorry if I do some mistakes), and I’m using the Bépo keyboard 
layout. It’s a popular Dvorak-like French-optimized keyboard layout. Some 
reasons to include it:

– Bépo layout is popular, see the number of people registered on our forum: 
http://forum.bepo.fr/userlist.php (if we don’t count people with 0 messages 
posted, 33 + 50 × 8 = 433), or on Linuxfr.org: 
https://linuxfr.org/sondages/la-disposition-b%C3%A9po%E2%80%A6 (203 people 
claims that they use Bépo, 114 wants to use it and 443 says “maybe one day”). 
Some of this people created Ergodis, an association to promote Bépo (but not 

– physical Bépo keyboards. How to install a distro if we can’t use our 
keyboard? (http://typematrix.com/bepo.php and http://www.ceciaa.com/clavier-ergoneos-fort-contraste-disposition-bepo-c2391-7.php for example).

– Bépo isn’t available on some distributions, so it’s not easy to install it, 
especially for “noobs”. Bépo directly in kbd means no maintenance problems for 
distributions and unified and simple solution to the problem.

– Bépo layout won’t evolve anymore (instead, we want to do a new (perfect?) 
keyboard layout for the (far?) future). It means no maintenance burden for 
you. Also, it’s less than 85 KiB (licences included)

So, what do you think about this idea?

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