[kbd] [PATCH] loadkeys: Auto-convert “traditional”/Unicode keysyms

Michael Schutte michi at uiae.at
Wed Apr 15 17:53:44 MSD 2009

Hi Alexey,

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 01:37:32AM +0400, Alexey Gladkov wrote:
> 14.04.2009 21:45, Michael Schutte wrote:
> > The Linux kernel distinguishes between K(KTYP, KVAL) keysyms and Unicode
> > characters.  This patch makes loadkeys query the console’s Unicode mode
> > and convert between the two keysym types according to the result.  The
> > theoretical advantage is that less keymaps need both an 8-bit and a
> > Unicode variant (cf. trq[u], ua[-utf]).
> I have a problem with your patch:
> LANG: ru_RU.UTF-8
> keymap: data/keymaps/i386/qwerty/ruwin_cplk-UTF-8.map
> The difference between the old and the new behavior is attached. This
> is 'dumpkeys -n' output.

Thanks for your testing, I completely missed this.  But you can still
type the affected characters, right?  As far as I can tell, it’s only
dumpkeys which is wrong here.

> And also, you have not updated the documentation for new behaviour.

loadkeys(1) didn’t even document the old meaning of -u.  I’ve added a
short section about the features of this patch.  If you want me to add
more information, please let me know.

A fixed version of the patch is attached to this mail.

Michael Schutte <michi at uiae.at>
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