[kbd] diagnostic and demo tool ushowkey

Josef Hinteregger joehtg at joehtg.co.at
Tue Mar 11 11:01:40 MSK 2008

I would like to contribute a tool I have written. For the moment I have called it ushowkey, kind of showkey with display of Unicode information for the characters entered. It is not restricted to the console. 
Here is a sample output from a putty session

Press key(s) to display diagnostic info
check if key codes are in sync with locale encoding
and if function keys are recognized by ncurses/terminfo
Leave with q, Ctrl-D, ESC, Return

TERM=xterm    LC_CTYPE=de_DE.utf8    locale charmap UTF-8

Char Unicode   raw hex sequence              Name/Key
               0x1b 0x4f 0x50                KEY_F(1)
€    U+20ac    0xe2 0x82 0xac                EURO SIGN
¤    U+00a4    0xc2 0xa4                     CURRENCY SIGN
Й    U+0419    0xd0 0x99                     CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHORT I
     U+000d    0x0d                          CARRIAGE RETURN (CR)

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