[kbd] Plans for a new version

Alexey Gladkov legion at altlinux.ru
Wed Dec 5 17:20:34 MSK 2007

Alexey Gladkov wrote:

The branch 1.14wip is created.

- Migrate to autoconf;
- Move openvt into main sources tree.

- Fix sun12x22 unicode mapping table (Vitezslav Crhonek);
- Add Terminus font (Vitezslav Crhonek)
- Add unicode cyrillic fonts.

- Add more romanian keymaps (Vitezslav Crhonek);
- Add another ukrainian keymap;
- Add Belarusian (Belarus) keymaps;
- Add Kazakh keymap;
- Add Kyrgyz keymap;
- Add Bashkir (Russia) keymap;
- Add Tatar keymaps;
- Add more russian keymaps.

Rgrds, legion

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