[Hardware] [[r300] sauerbraten and ut2k4 performance tips]

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Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 19:27:19 +0300
From: Aapo Tahkola <aet@>
To: Rune Petersen <rune@>,
	DRI developer's list <dri-devel@>
Subject: [r300] sauerbraten and ut2k4 performance tips

a) open console and type "/floatvtx 1" or
b) use this patch or
c) wait for this patch to get integrated

Unreal Tournament 2004:
Set "UseVBO" option to "True"
in ~/.ut2004/System/UT2004.ini .

Rune, could you add these to your status list?

Aapo Tahkola

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WBR et al.
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