[Hardware] Re: Fw: [Comm] Непонятки со звуком.

Arioch the_Arioch на nm.ru
Ср Мар 30 19:20:33 MSD 2005

Dolgov OV пишет:

> VT8233/A/8235 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)

> колонках играет чисто, а когда воспроизвожу записанное - громкость
> нормальная, но частоты срезаны.

но ты не с колонок пишешь?

> Like most consumer cards VIA's chipset can record from one source at a time. 
 > The choice of sources is: Line In, CD, Microphone, Video, Phone, Aux,
 > and Mix.
 > The last choice is special, it records *more or less* what's going to 
the Line Out,
 > the result of the playback mixer controls. It's not affected by the 
 > levels control.

 > kernel-modules-alsa-wks-up-0.9.8-alt4.2

>  ALSA v0.5 is buggy for via8233. Use v0.9 to get also-buggy results. Heh. 
 > It seems that it 0.9 largely broken on 8233 as of 0.9.4....0.9.7 at
 > least.
 > For now, OSS would "just work" and ALSA would exhibit all kinds of
 > weird behaviour

> Poor sound quality
> In some circumstances you can observe that sound quality is very poor (whistling, annoying harmonic distortions, especially noticeable in high-frequency area), which at first glance is strange because windows drivers on the same hardware plays nicely. This happens because the sound card contains two PCM devices (called pcm0p and pcm1p under alsa).
> The first PCM device exhibits such behaviour (it is intended for four-channel output). If you instruct the applications to use the second PCM device, the distortions disappear. If your application is using the old /dev/dsp interface, instruct it to use /dev/adsp instead


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