[Hardware] Re: [sisyphus] Re: GNOME: wish: and maybe some more

Andriy Dobrovol's'kii dobr на iop.kiev.ua
Ср Мар 2 15:35:25 MSK 2005

Andriy Dobrovol's'kii wrote:
> Anton Farygin wrote:
>> Andriy Dobrovol's'kii wrote:
>>> dmesg|grep powernow
>>> powernow: PowerNOW! Technology present. Can scale: frequency and 
>>> voltage.
>>> powernow: No PST tables match this cpuid (0x7a0)
>>> powernow: This is indicative of a broken BIOS.
>>> powernow: Trying ACPI perflib
>>> powernow: ACPI perflib can not be used in this platform
>>> powernow: ACPI and legacy methods failed
>>> powernow: See 
>>> http://www.codemonkey.org.uk/projects/cpufreq/powernow-k7.shtml
>> ^^^^^^^^^^ тут написано что делать.
Видимо я жутко недогадливый, но, что делать, я там не нашел. Не
>> Rgds,
>> Rider
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