[devel] libjasper закопать

Anton Farygin rider на basealt.ru
Вт Окт 6 19:03:36 MSK 2020

On 06.10.2020 16:43, Sergey V Turchin wrote:
> https://github.com/jasper-software/jasper/issues/208
> Предлагаю закопать libjasper.

ну апстрим подаёт признаки жизни:

All our fixes and improvements have been merged from jasper-maint/jasper 
into jasper-software/jasper.

The last pull request moved from jasper-maint/jasper#45 
<https://github.com/jasper-maint/jasper/pull/45> to #221 
<https://github.com/jasper-software/jasper/pull/221> for further review 
and discussion.

I put a note in the about section at 
<https://github.com/jasper-maint/jasper> and archived the repository.

Current state of this project:

  * all known CVEs fixed.
  * 3 people with commit rights (bottleneck solved)
  * more contributors
  * distributions notified

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