[devel] /var/run на tmpfs

Alexey Gladkov legion на altlinux.ru
Вт Янв 24 03:08:07 MSK 2012

24.01.2012 02:56, Anton Farygin wrote:
> не пора ли сделать /etc/fstab.d 

Как раз идёт обсуждение этого каталога в util-linux:

<=== Alan Cox ===
Pedantically speaking /etc/fstab is not API, getmntent is API.

In practical terms though it would be very 'interesting' to implement
getmentent with an fstab.d, if not down right impossible because the
argument is a FILE *.

So with a good coding hat on - please don't consider fstab API, it's
got a programming interface 8). Otherwise I agree fstab.d is wrong.

<=== Theodore Tso ===
I am extremely dubious about systemd, and would much rather it not be
on any system that *I* run (and using UUID's to identify kernel
notification is just whacko) , but I have to agree with Kay in that
/etc/fstab.d is Just Wrong.

Rgrds, legion

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