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Пт Сен 26 10:20:28 MSD 2008

Hi QA!

Friday 26, at 01:25:32 AM you wrote:

> kernel-source-dst-0.1 - Linux dst modules sources
> * Sat Sep 20 2008 Boris Savelev <boris на altlinux> 0.1-alt2
> - Free in node removal so node would be freed in process context and not in the receiving threads itself.
> - Added cache name to the node. It is possible to have freed node still beaing alive while we register new node with the same name, so its cache name should be different.
> - Use idr to manage minor numbers.
> - Fixed memory leak in crypto thread initialization error path.
> - Unprotected tree access (exceptionally stupid bug, I was made blind by the electronic equipment), and tricky bug_on catch in scsi code caused by incorrect bio flag initialization in the exporting node. 64bit alignment fix.
> - Couple of bogus compilation warnings about unintialized variables cought by different compiler.
> - Allow both hread and write permission, not only read or write in security config.
> * Fri Aug 29 2008 Boris Savelev <boris на altlinux> 0.1-alt1
Если все эти изменения сделал upstream, а не лично boris@ смысл их
перечислять в %changelog, да еще с плохим форматированием? Для этого
существует апстримные CHANGES и ChangeLog. Тем более, апстрим использует

WBR et al.
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