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Чт Сен 4 12:30:32 MSD 2008

Показалось созвучным некоторым мыслям, что здесь который год
периодически всплывают и опять на дно до времени.

There has been a recent discussion on the opensuse-factory
mailing list about the creation of a repository for non-core
packages. The concern expressed at the beginning of the
discussion is that openSUSE has too many repositories of unknown
quality. Right now many openSUSE community members have home
repositories with software packages not found in the main
openSUSE repository. Some have software that other openSUSE users
would like, some have highly experimental packages that most
users would rather avoid. It is difficult for the user to find
the packages they want, or know which ones they might find
--- http://lwn.net/Articles/295654/

и там же комментарий, относящийся и к нам:

The interesting thing about openSUSE and it's Build Service is
that the barrier of entry is zero. No contributor agreement, no
sponsorship required -- in contrast to Debian (the strictest),
Fedora and Ubuntu. Unless things have changed since 2007, that is.

If you vet your contributors, then you can afford to trust them
a bit more in deciding what's stable and what's not. It's not
without fault -- developers are humans, after all. But it's
interesting to see what solution openSUSE ends up with.

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