[devel] repocop 0.07 changes

Alexey Tourbin =?iso-8859-1?q?at_=CE=C1_altlinux=2Eru?=
Пн Мар 24 22:18:27 MSK 2008

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 09:05:36PM +0200, Igor Vlasenko wrote:
> Больше всего в repocop 0.06 меня напрягала необходимость 2 часа прогонять
> через тест весь репозиторий, если в тесте хоть что-то меняется.

Я для этого в свое время в пакете qa-robot сделал cmdcache(1).
Но никакой инвалидации кеша там нет, так что это можно использовать
только для очень стабильно работающих команд -- например, для file(1)
в сочетании c nm(1).

$ man cmdcache |cat -s
CMDCACHE(1)           User Contributed Perl Documentation          CMDCACHE(1)

       cmdcache - simple cache for command output

       cmdcache [-h] command FILE

       cmdcache wraps command and caches its output.  command must take
       exactly one argument, an existent FILE (or possibly a directory).  Pre-
       vious command output is reused when "st_ino", "st_size", and "st_mtime"
       of the FILE match.

       cmdcache can be sourced by specifying null argument for the command.
       Shell function with the same name is provided, and command can be a
       shell function, too.  Suggested usage is as follows:

               # implement custom command with a shell function
               my_command() { local f="$1"; study "$f"; }

               # grab cmdcache shell function
               . cmdcache ""

               # process arguments and cache the results
               for f; do cmdcache my_command "$f"; done

       Upon successful command completion, cache file is stored under
       "$HOME/.cmdcache/command" directory.  The directory has up to 97 subdi-
       rectories, due to "mod 97" hash function.  That is, the designed cache
       cacpacity is about 10k (100 files * 100 subdirs), and the capacity does
       not impose any performance hit.

       When command return code is non-zero, cache file is not created, and
       the return code of cmdcache is that of the command.  The return code is
       2 if an error occurred (e.g. if FILE does not exist).

       If FILE has changed upon command completion, the return code is 2.
       This means that FILE must not be modified by the command.

       Written by Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux>.

       Copyright (c) 2005 Alexey Tourbin, ALT Linux Team.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
       Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
       option) any later version.

       stat(2), ccache(1)

perl v5.8.8                       2007-11-27                       CMDCACHE(1)
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