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Пт Мар 7 06:30:54 MSK 2008

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Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 13:47:22 +0100
From: "Rafael Garcia-Suarez" <rgarciasuarez на gmail>
Subject: Switching to Git
To: "Perl 5 Porters" <perl5-porters на perl>
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Thanks to Sam Vilain's hard work, we are now able to switch to git.

So we'll switch!

The hosting details are being sorted out. The things that we want to have are:

* public repository cloneable via git protocol (optionally http protocol too)
* writable via ssh
* browseable on-line via gitweb
* maybe a cvs interface (readonly) via git-cvsserver ? I'm thinking
about the VMS people here mostly. Or would rsync be better ?
* interfacing the commits to the major branches to perl5-changes на .

Please add your suggestions to that list.

We are going to give more commit bits than previously. I'm notably
thinking about dual-life module maintainers. They should be able to push
their changes directly in a branch of their choice, that the pumpkings
would later merge to blead/maint-*. (Alternatively the pumpkings could
pull changes too, but why make things complex.)

I'll make the proper official announcements once we start using the new
repository; I'm thinking for now about use.perl, perlbuzz and the
official TPF blog. (Plus of course the git mailing list.)

Also, the APC is going to be obsolete. Andreas' magic tool too (see
git-bisect(1) for why), sorry Andreas :) I however would like to thank
ActiveState for providing P5P with such a nice version control system
and support for all those years.

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