[devel] Q: tclConfig.sh/x86_64

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Пн Ноя 26 00:14:13 MSK 2007


А не сломан ли tclConfig.sh на x86_64?

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 11:44:08PM +0300, Upravdom Team Robot wrote:
> The mozart- package has been rejected from incoming
> for x86_64 architecture.
> Possible reason follows:
> checking for --with-global-oz... no
> checking for mkinstalldirs... (cached) /usr/src/RPM/BUILD/mozart-
> checking for oz version... (cached) 1.3.2
> checking for ozplatform... (cached) /usr/src/RPM/BUILD/mozart-
> checking for oztool... no
> checking for --with-inc-dir... 
> checking for --with-lib-dir... 
> checking for build date... (cached) 20071125
> checking for OZLOADSEP... (cached) :
> checking for OZLOADWIN... (cached) 
> checking for C compiler... (cached) gcc
> checking whether we are using GNU C... (cached) yes
> checking for C preprocessor... (cached) gcc -E
> checking for C++ compiler... (cached) c++
> checking whether we are using GNU C++... (cached) yes
> checking for C++ preprocessor... (cached) c++ -E
> checking whether ln -s works... (cached) yes
> checking whether to build with AquaTk... no
> checking for tclConfig.sh... configure: error: Can't find tcl. Use --with-tcl to specify the directory which contains tclConfig.sh
> configure: error: /usr/src/RPM/BUILD/mozart- failed for wish
> configure: error: /usr/src/RPM/BUILD/mozart- failed for platform
> error: Bad exit status from /usr/src/tmp/rpm-tmp.64097 (%build)

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