[devel] E: incoming x86_64 reject: cheesetracker-0.9.9-alt4

Yury Aliaev =?iso-8859-1?q?mutab0r_=CE=C1_rambler=2Eru?=
Чт Май 10 14:59:15 MSD 2007

Dear Yury Aliaev!
The cheesetracker-0.9.9-alt4 package has been rejected from incoming
for x86_64 architecture.

Possible reason follows:
Components: hasher
Processing pkglists... hasher done
Processing srclists...  hasher done
Creating component releases... done
Updating global release file... done
Appending MD5Sum... hasher done
All your base are belong to us!!!
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
E: Couldn't find package libsigc++1.2-devel
Selecting gcc4.1-c++ for 'gcc-c++'
Selecting pkg-config for 'pkgconfig'
pkg-config is already the newest version.
hsh-install: failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.

И когда ж libstdc++1.2 появится для x86_64?

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