[devel] mbrola to Sisyphus.

Igor Vlasenko =?iso-8859-1?q?vlasenko_=CE=C1_imath=2Ekiev=2Eua?=
Вт Окт 24 18:18:07 MSD 2006

Отсутствие nonfree напрягает мозг :(

Можно ли ложить в Сизиф mbrola?

MBROLA is a  speech synthesizer ...
This program may not be sold or incorporated into any product which is
sold without prior permission from the author.

When no  charge is made, this  program  may be copied  and distributed
freely, provided that   this notice  is  copied  and distributed  with
it. Each time you redistribute  the program (or any  work based on the
program), the recipient   automatically receives  a license from   the
original  licensor to copy or distribute  the program subject to these
terms and conditions.  You may  not impose any further restrictions on
the recipients' exercise of   the rights granted  herein. You  are not
responsible for enforcing compliance by third parties to this License.


Dr. Igor Vlasenko
Topology Department
Institute of Math
Kiev, Ukraine

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