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Andrei Bulava abulava на altlinux.ru
Вт Ноя 28 18:12:02 MSK 2006

Igor Zubkov wrote:
> В сообщении от 28 ноября 2006 08:13 Денис Смирнов написал(a):
>> У нас теперь два smp ядрышка -- одно с pae, другое без. Чтобы все были
>> довольны.
> Т.е.? Чем smp отличается от pae?

В первом приближении: количеством процессоров от количества памяти :-)

PAE X86 Technical Reference

Physical Address Extension (PAE) X86 is one of two technologies that
increase the amount of physical or virtual memory available to
applications. The other technology is 4-gigabyte tuning (4GT). For more
information about 4GT, see "4GT Technical Reference."

PAE X86 allows applications using the Address Windowing Extensions (AWE)
API set and running on a computer with more than 4 gigabytes (GB) of
physical memory to map additional physical memory into the application's
virtual address space. Applications not using the AWE API set can also
benefit from PAE X86 because the operating system uses the larger
physical memory to reduce paging and thus increase performance. This is
of particular benefit to consolidation servers hosting multiple


PAE X86 is not required on the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 family.

P.S. Угу, это цитата с http://technet.microsoft.com/ ;-)

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