[devel] по части "лень в багзилу закидывать" (Fwd: Re: Ubuntu in the other news?)

Michael Shigorin =?iso-8859-1?q?mike_=CE=C1_osdn=2Eorg=2Eua?=
Чт Сен 15 17:43:59 MSD 2005

Ещё по части инфраструктуры между дистрибутивом и пользователями,
чтоб разработчикам лучшее жилось.

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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 14:08:29 +0100
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Michael Shigorin wrote:
>FWIW, maybe some kind of a less formalized "complaint tracker"
>would help, with lower barrier for those who have stumbled upon
Funny you should ask ;-)

In Launchpad we now have a support request tracker. Every (almost, GUI,
mostly) app in Breezy has a menu item "Get Help Online...", which takes
you to a simple page that should eventually, list sources of support
available for that app, both upstream and in the distro. And that page
also leads you to the support tracker, where you can file a support request.

I hope this will be a formalised place for informal, community based
support, supplementing the mailing list and the forums. The good thing
is that we can easily convert a support request into a bug, if it really
is a bug. And we can keep track of the number of support requests that
are associated with a given bug, to help us gauge severity.



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