[devel] QA: уже идут работы над внедрением smartpm?

Andrei Bulava =?iso-8859-1?q?abulava_=CE=C1_altlinux=2Eru?=
Ср Сен 7 15:27:34 MSD 2005

Hi all!

Даже мне, фанату apt-rpm в течение последних четырёх лет, и то не
кажется, что всё нижеизложенное - marketing bullshit (за исключением
фразы "newer tools like yum" ;-) )

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The Fedora Project recommends that users migrate away from apt to newer
tools like yum or smartpm.  Even upstream Conectiva has given up on apt,
instead worked on their new client smartpm rewritten from scratch.
Apt-rpm has bugs (virtual provides bugs like #164601) and missing
functionality (like multilib) that may never be fixed, making it
impossible to support for the Fedora Project.

Yum and smartpm have the direct benefit of being able to use the
repodata on official Fedora Project mirrors.  Extras has "yumex" and
"kyum" graphical user interfaces available, while smartpm has its own
GUI interface.  (Hmm... any volunteers to put smartpm into Extras?)

Вопрос smartpm у нас уже поднимался, упомянутые выше по тексту баги
apt-rpm, virtual provides и multilib/biarch, тоже в данный момент стоят
поперёк дороги Сизифа, так что "any volunteers to put smartpm into

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