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Volkov Serge =?iso-8859-1?q?vserge_=CE=C1_altlinux=2Eru?=
Пн Сен 5 14:44:19 MSD 2005

Hello Daedalus,

Monday, September 5, 2005, 2:25:33 PM, you wrote:

D> Приветствую!
D> В Daedalus выложены обновлённые пакеты:
D> hplip

D> ----------------------------------------------------------
D> hplip
D> ----------------------------------------------------------
D> Description :
D> This is the HP driver package to supply Linux support for most
D> Hewlett-Packard DeskJet, LaserJet, PSC, OfficeJet, and PhotoSmart
D> printers and all-in-one peripherals (also known as Multi-Function
D> Peripherals or MFPs), which can print, scan, copy, fax, and/or access
D> flash memory cards.

D> It is work in progress, but printing, scanning, memory card access,
D> ink/toner/battery/consumable level checking, and inkjet printer
D> maintenance are supported on most models, when either connected to the
D> USB or LAN (built-in interfaces or selected HP JetDirect models) on a

D> Changelog:
D> ----------------------------------------------------------
D> * Вск Сен 04 2005 Serge A. Volkov <vserge at altlinux.ru> 0.9.4-alt2.1
D> - Update foomatic version to new snapshot at 20050903
D> - Add Provides: foomatic-db-hpijs = 1.5-20050903

Если схема с Provides будет приемлема, в противном случае прошу

Прошу тестировать, с lib*  и sane-backend еще не разбирался будет в
следующей сборке?

Best regards,
 Volkov                            mailto:vserge на altlinux.ru

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