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Increasing quality means a lot of work at 02-09-2004 01:38:00
   I am looking at measuring the quality of DSOs. I.e., how expensive
   they are to load and use. While doing this I came across libselinux
   which nowadays is used a lot. The numbers were abysmal. Lots of local
   PLTs and tons of relative relocations.

   So I spent about 8-10 hours on cleaning the code up. Now it's as good
   as it's gonna get but the price is high. We have hundreds of DSOs. If
   cleaning up each of them takes that long we are never going to finish
   it. The developers themselves need to pay attention. I was hoping my
   [0] paper (PDF) on the subject would would help. It's downloaded
   500-600 times a week but still people don't get it.

   [0] http://people.redhat.com/drepper/dsohowto.pdf

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