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Subject: Change of focus

Hello everybody,

I am writing this mail as to let you all know that my focus with respect
to DRI development is changing and that I will no longer be able to work
on the Savage driver. As of Tuesday I am an employee of ATI
Technologies, Inc. I relocated to Toronto, Canada last weekend. I no
longer have any Savage hardware here, and even if I did I would be in a
very frustrating position of not being allowed to officially work on the
driver since that would conflict with my interests as an ATI employee.

I had informed a few people of this upcoming change a couple of months
ago in the hope to find someone to take over maintainership of the
Savage 3D driver, but no one stepped up so far. I sincerely hope that the
Savage driver will not become bit-rot. I'd like to thank everybody who
has contributed to the Savage 3D driver while I've been working on it.

My interest in DRI in general has not ceased though. I'm working in ATI's
Linux team, so I will be dealing with DRI in one way or another. Once
things settle down a little here (need to find an apartment and
everything) I will probably continue contributing to the open source DRI
development, though as far as hardware-specifics are concerned, I will
be limited to ATI hardware.

Best regards,


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