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В продолжение темы про R300 - оказывается, DRI версия работает даже на

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Vladimir Dergachev wrote:
>    I tagged yesterday "the_perfect_frag" snapshot of R300 driver.
>    The code is in CVS at http://r300.sf.net
>    As the name suggests I cannot find visible faults with rendering
>    Quake3 levels. Also, PPRacer shows no artifacts either, at least in
>    the first few levels..
>    Known issues/help needed:
>         * Radeon 9800 cards are still exhibiting an occasional lockup.
>         * It would be interesting to know whether the driver works
>           with some of the newer cards (like Radeon X800)

I found to do a little testing on my X800:
    * Quake3: no artifacts, nice menu =)
    * Tuxracer: no artifacts
    * UT 2003: it starts with _many_ artifacts, almost playable in a
      funny kind of way: I can see items and players, what more do
      you need? =)
    * UT 2004: its starts with _many_ artifacts, but locks up in the
      menu. I'll see if I can pin it down.
    * a known issue I have is loosing the z-buffer when resizing
      window -> full screen. (I can't figure out why this happens).

Rune Petersen

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