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Trustix Secure Linux 3.0 Release Candidate!

Our rapidly expanding new customer base has meant we only had to
concentrate on one area of improvement - making installation really,
really simple.  "Viper" our new installer should meet everyone's
needs....customers old and new, and many new features are ideal for
our growing enterprise community.

Having built an enviable reputation for stability and security, Trustix
proves consistently to be one of the quickest organizations in the world
to issue security patches and updates. More importantly the Trustix
secure patch management system - SWUP (Software Updater) deploys patches
to mission critical applications securely efficiently and effectively.
This latest release further strengthens the security message and sets a
rock solid baseline for new and existing customers of the free to
use - Trustix Secure Linux - distribution.

Complementing our mission to produce the most reliable server OS
available, Trustix have also made huge strides towards making Linux easier
to configure and administrate. Server automation tools such as CP+
facilitate the quick and easy, web based administration of your dedicated
Trustix OS based server - simplifying the usually complex management of
tasks such as Samba file sharing, MySQL databases, firewall configuration,
web site hosting including DNS management and email.
Trustix remains committed to the open source community with Trustix Secure
Linux 3.0 being the next step in the evolution of the world's most secure
free commercially supported Linux distribution.

Other more detailed enhancements are detailed here:


Trustix 5-step Installer "Viper"
X.org X11-libraries

Major upgrades:
Kernel 2.6
gcc 4
glibc 2.3.5
bash 3.0

and much more.  Also most of the packages has been brought up to their
latest stable versions.

So where can you get it?
You can find it on your favorite mirror under the releases directory.
If you don't know where that mirror is, please see

About Trustix Secure Linux
Trustix Secure Linux was specifically designed for the server market.  With a
focus on security and stability, the whole system benefits from a fully
automatic update agent known as SWUP, eliminating the most critical issue of
server security - Patch management. The URL is http://www.trustix.org/ 

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