[devel] Daedalus: New packages

Aleksandr Blokhin =?iso-8859-1?q?sass_=CE=C1_altlinux=2Eru?=
Вт Авг 26 10:15:52 MSD 2003

В Daedalus выложены обновлённые пакеты:

Description :
SLRN is a powerful, easy to use, threaded Internet news reader.  SLRN is
highly customizable and allows you to design complex filters to sort or kill
news articles.  SLRN works well over slow network connections, and includes
a utility for reading news off-line.

Install slrn if you need a full-featured news reader, if you have a slow
network connection, or if you'd like to save on-line time by reading your
news off-line.

* Пнд Авг 25 2003 Nazar Yurpeak <phoenix на altlinux.ru>
- CVS Aug 25 2003
- Enable inews posting support
- Enable GroupLens support
- Enable support for reading directly from spool

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