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Чт Авг 21 16:54:28 MSD 2003


В /i/S/ залит

27c354e9f5707aa6caa5000187c5ffef  synaptic-0.43.1-alt1.src.rpm

- new in 0.43.1:
  + the descriptionParser for rpm has changed
    (the actuall parser is configurable now)
  + new find and changes dialog layout, more HIG compliant
    (thanks to Sebastian Heinlein)
  + more bugfixes in the PkgTreeView and the new sorting code
- new in 0.42:
  + download percentage is now always calculated correctly
    (thanks to David Wilson)
  + save selection on "pin", "update" and "proceed" now
  + some bugs fixed in the new sortable tree/list
  + the order of the columns in the treeview is configurable now
  + updated german translation (thanks to Sebastian Heinlein)
  + updated spanish translation (thanks to Javier Serrador)
  + updated japanese translation (thanks to Daisuke SUZUKI)
  + updated russian translation (thanks to Sviatoslav Sviridov)
  + [debian only] debian package tags support
  + sortable installed size column added
  + "Information" tab now scrollable
- updated russian translation
- added belarussian translation (thanks to Vital Khilko)

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