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О сколько нам открытий чудных готовит Google...

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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 09:22:25 +0900
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Subject: how to make SOAP4R read WSDL files?
Posted: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:22:16 -0800
Organization: Google, Inc.


Here at Google, we're about to start offering an API to our search-engine,
so that people can programmatically use Google through a clean and clearly
defined interface, rather than have to resort to parsing HTML.

As a test, this seemed like a great opportunity to try out SOAP4R.

I'm not knowledgeable about SOAP at all (I've read a couple of O'Reillynet
articles about it), so I'm probably making mistakes in my basic
assumptions. The SOAP4R documentation is also pretty scant.

Anyway, the following short program works:


require 'soap/driver'

endpoint = 'http://api-ab.google.com/search/beta2'
ns = 'urn:GoogleSearch'
key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
service = 'file:GoogleSearch.wsdl'
query = ARGV.shift || 'foo'

soap = SOAP::Driver.new(nil, nil, ns, endpoint)

# uncomment the next line to dump the traffic on the wire

soap.addMethodWithSOAPAction('doGoogleSearch', ns, 'key', 'q', 'start',
			     'maxResults', 'filter', 'restrict',
			     'safeSearch', 'lr', 'ie', 'oe')
r = soap.doGoogleSearch(key, query, 0, 10, false, nil, false, nil,
			'latin1', 'latin1')

printf "Estimated number of results is %d.\n", r.estimatedTotalResultsCount
printf "Your query took %6f seconds.\n", r.searchTime

However, rather than have to spell all of this out in the program, I would
rather just have SOAP4R read Google's WSDL file. Unfortunately, nothing
I've tried so far will make this work. It's not even clear to me that this
is implemented.

So, does anyone know how I can reduce much of the detail in the code by
simply having SOAP4R pull it out of a WSDL file?

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